Blurring Boundaries – artists, curators and the spaces in between

June 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

Peripherique is an occasional Wednesday evening series of artist-led events  programmed by the Information Staff of the Henry Moore Institute, taking place in the Institute’s Seminar Room.The first in the series is a discussion hosted by Millpond. Established in September 2010 by Elizabeth Holdsworth and Ellen Sankey, Millpond sets out to stimulate critical debate around contemporary visual arts in Leeds through events and the on-line journal

29th June 2011 6pm – 8pm

Blurring Boundaries – artists, curators and the spaces in between

This event considers the boundaries between artistic and curatorial practices, focusing on the crossover of roles between artists and curators. With a panel consisting of both artists and curators from the Leeds grassroots art scene, this discussion challenges specified roles and the compulsion to question them.
What is an artist-curator? What drives an artist to become an artist who curates? If artists do curate, to what extent does, or even should, an exhibition contain a curator’s creative vision? Are artist-curators better equipped to oversee exhibitions, even making curating as a vocation redundant? Or are curators the only ones with the ability to act as the intercessor between the artist’s vision, artwork and the public? These questions form the starting point for thinking through how artists and curators work today, looking to Leeds-based initiatives and to the status of the international ‘freelance’ curator that dominates contemporary framing of curatorial practice. Starting with six presentations from Leeds based artists and curators, ‘Blurring Boundaries’ thinks through how we understand the context of making of exhibitions today.

Simon Boase

Alice Bradshaw

Becky Elliott

Elizabeth Hardwick

James Maxfield

Zoe Sawyer

Chris Woodward


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